Samstag, 8. August 2015

XXXL Fashion Haul

Hello everyone 

ENG: So today I have a huuuge fashion / shopping haul for you and I just can't wait to show you what I've bought some days ago. So let's go..

DEU: Also heute habe ich einen rieeesen Fashion / Shopping haul für euch und ich kann es einfach kaum erwarten euch meine Sachen zu zeigen die ich vor ein paar Tagen gekauft habe. Also los gehts..

So this is all I've bought.. like everything ! 

But let's start with Tally Weijl :

I've bought the glasses for 6 € and all jewerly for only 0.99€ 

Bijou Brigitte - 4 € because of the 50% off sale 

This beautiful ring I've bought for only 1.60€ by Pimkie

My favorite jacket now - only 20€ also by Pimkie 

Black Jeans - 20€ (Pimkie)

H&M has really beautiful but also casual clothing, so I really needed something like a blouse in white and here it is. - 20€

I love the details

Peek & Cloppenburg ♥ My most favorite store ever. I love that P&C has lots of brands with different styles. That fits to me and my style and it inspires me to try out new styles.

I love this kind of Cardigan in white with lots of beautiful lace. - 15€ 

Look at the details ♥ that's Vintage and Boho in one piece.

A little piece of mint - 5€

and again details ♥ (I really love details on clothing)

That top is so lovely and boho ♥ - 5€ cute details

pink hot pants by H&M for only 5€

New Yorker had some really cool stuff - everything 5€ ( as I said that was a huuuge sale)
Oh and the pink tank top was only for 3€ 

Mister Lady was great too.

details in neon lights 

and details in light blue

This one is very transparent but has lots of details as I already said 

Next one is Hunkemöller - I've got the cozy socks only for 2,50€

and the sports bra was on sale too 15€
I just love this sports bra!

Last but not least my new sneakers in white and with kind of snake pattern 
for 20€ by Deichmann

So yeah that's it, I hope you guys liked it ♥

I can't wait to show you some new looks next time. 

Have a nice day / good night ♥

xo, Violetta