Samstag, 23. April 2016

My 19th Birthday

What I've learned is so vital more than just survival, this is my revival. 

April the 22nd 2016:  I woke up and felt so good, like no matter what will happen, I would be okay. I don't even thought about getting gifts or greets from everyone - like literally everyone. I've never been so happy, although my family couldn't be here with me to "celebrate" my day. I feel good and ready to live a life as an young adult. I work hard for my dreams, I have fun and I enjoy every moment of my life.

My snapchat: itsmevio

Ferusa and I took some photos and we talked about life and our future projects. 
(you can also follow her on instagram: feru1995)

After that, I met some of my friends at a bar and we had a good time. We talked about our finals and about how sad it is that everything is over. No school, no drama but new experiences. Some of us will move away, others will stay here. It's unreal how everything is changing so fast, but I'm sure that we will meet again, we don't know when but we will. 

I'm so thankful for the last 3 years and the people around me.

xx - Violetta 

Freitag, 22. April 2016


Hello everyone, so this time I wanted to write a post which describes my last 4 days.

Because of finals and lots of nervosity my week wasn't that amazing, but I've tried to stay happy and concentrated. The fear to fail was big but my prayers are more intensely. They helped me to go through the exam preparation phase which includes 2 big fat folder full of German language and Biology stuff that I had (and still have) to learn by heart. So I decided to go out on good days. Sunday was quite rainy that's why I learned at the library. I try to learn at different places, so it's easier for me to remember everything what I've learned at that day. That's why I've decided to go out on Monday, the sun was shining and it was more or less warm. The coffee shop was the perfect place.

Tuesday was kind of the same routine. 

Although I had no time to even think about something else than my exams, I had enough time for snapchat (itsmevio).

On Wednesday I stayed at home and learned for the big day on Thursday. 
On Thursday I had my German examination, which was actually not that bad. 
After that I worked for some hours at Esprit.

That was my outfit on Friday after work. 

All in all I had a good week. 

Tomorrow I will post something about my Birthday - so don't miss it ♥ 

 xx - Violetta

Dienstag, 5. April 2016

April Photoshoot

I dive into the future, but I'm blinded by the sun, I'm reborn in every moment, so who knows what I'll become         Selena Gomez

Prüfungsvorbereitung mal anders..

..lernen ist zwar empfehlenswert aber wenn man einfach keinen Kopf frei hat, muss man seine Zeit anders verbringen, mir war hierbei nach einem Fotoshooting mit meiner besten Freundin. Stefanie ist einfach eine super Fotografin und wir hatten bei dem Shooting echt Spaß gehabt. Da wir sowieso diese Woche als Stufe zusammen unsere Mottowoche haben und der "erste Schultag" erfolgreich absolviert wurde, war uns nach (mehr oder weniger) 8 Stunden Unterricht nicht wirklich nach lernen. Ich hab die Gelegenheit aber auch genutzt um euch meine neue "Deichmann Eroberung" zu präsentieren. Es sind die neuen Pumps mit einer Peeptoe - Öffnung von Catwalk. Eine durchgehende Schnürung verbindet die Cut-outs auf der Front und läuft vor dem Knöchel zu einer Schleife zusammen. Ich kann in den Schuhen dank den Schnüren und dem festen Halt ziemlich gut laufen und kombinierbar sind die Heels quasi auch zu allem.

xx - Violetta 

- Bluse - Orsay -
- Rock - H&M -
- Overknees - H&M -
- Pumps - Deichmann -