Freitag, 13. November 2015

10 Days In Belarus

Hello everyone,
finally I can show you my impressions of my beautiful homeland Belarus ♥
I really missed this country and the beautiful people there, the landscapes, the food, simply everything. 

 So here I'm wearing simple and cozy clothes. As every day I had to wake up at 6am and getting ready for the day, because we've been every day in a different city and also in a different hotel.

My Belarus passport was always with me - I actually really love my blue passport, because it just looks better haha.

In this snap I just wrote that I'm always on the go, from hotel to hotel. 

This was in "Maladsetschna" 

 Witebsk is such a beautiful city with lots of amazing sights 

I took this photo when I was at a friends apartment (a huge and beautiful apartment)

My new favorite restaurant in Witebsk - the food there was soooo delicious. 

 Opera in Minsk 

 - sparkling wine was a must

 The opera was quite nice and interesting, but I was so tired after the opera, maybe because of the sparkling wine.

 -Minsk- #HugoBoss - (but they had no KFC)

Honestly I forgot where this was haha (I'm sorry) but it wasn't in Minsk. 

 Last photo in Brest (Belarus) / we had a great view in our hotelroom

So this is it and I hope you liked it.♥

xx, Violetta