Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

Primark, Zara & Kiko

Hello everyone!
I've been last week in Mannheim and Stuttgart and I've visited my boyfriend and in the end my family. I had such a great time although I was sick that week, but nevertheless I've used my time for shopping. Maybe you've seen some impressions of my week at snapchat, because I'm really obsessed with that app. Anyway I just wanted to show you my new jewelry and my Zara perfume. I've also bought a Kiko nailpolish and lipstick. If you wonder how I could affort that new stuff, I only can say one word : SALE. So I had luck and was at the right time at the right place. But that is only the beginning, because I have way more new clothes, which I would love to show you and I will, but because of exams and lots of school stuff, there is no time for a photoshoot. So you guys need to wait a bit. ♥ I wish you all a great day !

xx - Violetta 


  1. Das gefällt mir gut, was Du eingekauft hast!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena
    P.S.: Danke für Deinen Besuch auf meinem Blog. Hast Du vielleicht Lust auf gegenseitiges Folgen?

  2. wirklich tolle sachen (:
    ganz liebe grüße♥

  3. Der Schmuck ist ja traumhaft schön ! :)

  4. This has to be my favorite post! Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  5. Das Armband sieht so toll aus!
    Du hast gleich mal eine Leserin mehr, ich bin gespannt auf deinen nächsten Beitrag.

    Liebste Grüße aus Hamburg und schöne Ostern
    Jenny von